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Dragon's Demise - Part 4
Furore opened his eyes; still tired from the long day he had had yesterday. He yawned, stretching out his wings. He immediately jolted awake; Serin was gone. Furore jumped to his feet, quickly galloping to the edge of the ridge to look out across the ocean for a speck of green amongst the thrashing blue. He frantically searched the churning mass of water, leaning out to get a better view. He was pushed roughly from behind, yelping it shock as he lost his balance. Something sharp clamped on his tail and pulled him back. Serin was playfully skipping about, evidently he had just snuck up on Furore and feinted pushing him off the cliff. Furore was still shell-shocked for a minute before his face resolved into a ferocious snarl. He belched fire at Serin in his annoyance. Serin yelped and flounced away from the flames, looking appropriately contrite for his mischievousness. Furore saw his sorry friend and his snarl quickly melted, he walked over to Serin and brushed his cheek with his own. S
:iconerstra:Erstra 4 6
Dragon's Demise - Part 3
Serin was taunted by the sight of the overlord; endlessly consuming tons upon tons of meat, the other dragons starving to death while he was fed. He saw the servants being snapped up with the food. He saw Furore, flying tiredly around the mountain without a catch in paw. The overlord rushed up to eat him. Serin tried to bellow a warning but Furore appeared right before him. Confused, Serin looked at the new Furore who was standing over him with a worried look on his face. Serin looked beyond him at where the other Furore would surely be dead. But all he saw was the mountain; he had been dreaming. He laid his head back wearily, cooing a reassurance to Furore. The blue dragon's anxious expression did not go away; he went back to licking at Serin's cuts and bruises. Serin tried to move his injured wing but Furore growled a warning at him. The flight limb felt swollen and sore but thankfully Serin could not feel any broken bones. Furore came back to Serin's face, peering intently into his
:iconerstra:Erstra 5 3
Dragon's Demise - Part 2
Serin's vision faded in and out, seemingly with every breath. Fleeting glimpses of the surf crashing against the stone pillar was all that availed him. He groaned; the lesions all about his body stung with the salt water. The net still clung tightly to his rear legs. The little rest he had gave him the strength to open his eyes. He looked at the net, trying to decipher the tangle ensnaring his paws. He tugged experimentally, nibbling at the fibers until they broke. He winced, gritting his fangs as the circulation returned to his limbs. After a few minutes panting on the ground, Serin was able to stand upright. He stretched, seeking to relieve some of his cramping muscles. His aired out his wings; thankfully they were not so damaged as to be useless. He felt a pull on his mind. His stomach dropped as he sensed the oncoming compulsion that would soon overwhelm him. He was finished. He had no catch. Two days in a row would make it a surefire route to destruction. The pull became stronger.
:iconerstra:Erstra 4 3
Random Sketch by ChubbehBear Random Sketch :iconchubbehbear:ChubbehBear 19 0 Big fat foos by LeonardGreenland Big fat foos :iconleonardgreenland:LeonardGreenland 24 4



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